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Nebula Composer is an unique drawing tool which allows you to create fantastic pictures of space nebula. You can draw amazing spectacular images of glowing clouds, fire bursts and gas explosions. Choose one of the presets or create your own style using detailed custom settings. Choose any color you want.  Use baryonyc matter to burn stars and dark matter to hide. Nebula image can be saved to your device\'s gallery. Stylus owners may change the expansion power by pressing degree.If you are bored of painting nebulas, yoyu may try our new "Base" drawing mode (you can find it in the application menu). You can select a picture or a photo which will form the basis for future paintings. Simply select any image from your gallery, as well as the method of treatment, start painting and see what happens. For the first experiments we recommend you to choose the image with good contrast and the first preset.Live Wallpaper are built-in.

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